Love and Mercy- Up on Roan Mountain

Love and Mercy- Up on Roan Mountain

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After her dad dies and she breaks up with her fiancé, Jane is determined to make a fresh start. Having inherited a family home up on Roan Mountain that has been passed down through the generations, she decides to renovate it.

The work is monumental but makes her feel closer to her father. Soon Jane becomes close to the handyman who is helping restore the home...and begins to wonder if there's a spark between them.

But soon a possible romance is the last thing on Jane's mind. Unexplained things begin happening, such as the discovery of a Civil War-era gun hidden in the wall. Old letters and journals she finds in a steamer chest begin to tell the stories of her ancestors. While Jane relishes learning about their lives, it's not long before she begins to feel they are trying to tell her something.

Just why was that gun hidden? What truth is there that the spirits seemingly want to convey?

Inspired by her own search for her ancestors in the Appalachian Mountains, author Martha Arrowood Pelc weaves an intriguing paranormal story centered on family and the hope for love.